EVO 4G 1.47.651.1-1.32.651.6 OTA fix

This page describes unrevoked's patched update to replace the 2010-06-29 over-the-air (OTA) update. Do not ever accept an update that your phone prompts you to install. Doing so will cause your phone to no longer be rooted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All updates on this site are offered “AS IS” are must be performed at your own risk. Every update carries a risk of damage to your phone. Ensure that you keep proper backups of all of your partitions before attempting ANY update from ANY source. We cannot be held responsible for any damage or data loss that may occur while performing updates in this manner. These updates may also void your warranty.

Supported Devices

This fix currently supports the following Android phones:

  • Sprint EVO 4G (HTC Supersonic) that has not already been updated with the 2010-06-29 OTA update.

Installation instructions

These instructions assume basic familiarity with working with an Android system. A “one-click” updater may be produced at a later date.

To install this update on your phone, follow these steps:

  • If your phone is not rooted, and you do not intend to root your phone, you do not need this patched update.
  • If you have not run unrevoked2 to install a custom recovery on your phone yet, you must do so now.
    • If you are not sure if your phone has a custom recovery, you can find out by rebooting your phone into recovery mode. To do so, power the phone down, and when powering the phone back up, hold the 'volume down' button while pressing power. At the “HBOOT” menu, press volume down once to select “RECOVERY”, then press power once to enter recovery mode. If the screen says “ClockworkMod” at the top, then you have run unrevoked2. If it does not, you need to reboot the phone and run unrevoked2.
    • This update does not contain Sprint's WiMAX update.
    • For those of you who are paranoid:
      [email protected]:~/android/ota$ md5sum OTA_Supersonic_1.47.651.1-1.32.651.6_unrevoked2.zip
      829627de61fafe913a1c2948e3376b30  OTA_Supersonic_1.47.651.1-1.32.651.6_unrevoked2.zip
  • Copy the patched update to your SD card, and name it update.zip.
    • If you are on Windows, the easiest way to do this is to mount the SD card directly.
    • Other operating systems may prefer to use adb push your_update_name.zip /sdcard/update.zip.
  • Reboot the phone into recovery mode using the directions above.
  • At the ClockworkMod menu, select “Update from sdcard:update.zip” by pressing volume down, then power.
  • The phone will sit and work for a little while.
  • When prompted, reboot the phone by selecting 'reboot' from the menu.
    • The phone will reboot two or three times before it returns you to the home screen.
  • The phone has been updated.
    • To verify the update, press 'menu', tap settings, scroll to 'about phone', and tap 'software information'. The “build number” field should read “1.47.651.1 CL195459 unrevoked” if the phone has been successfully updated.

Changes in this OTA

This OTA update contains the following changes, in addition to those listed on Sprint's web page:

  • New boot.img (as of yet undissected).
  • New recovery.img (as of yet undissected).
  • Radio update (as of yet undissected).
    • Upgrade to baseband
  • WiMAX update to address issues on ClearWire's network.
    • The WiMAX radio firmware upgrade is not included in this update.
  • Patch to hstools binary to close hole used in unrevoked.
    • hstools now validates interface names against a whitelist before passing them to the shell.
  • Increases bitrate for MPEG4 videos recorded from 6MBit to 8MBit.
  • New WiFi firmwares (both AP and normal mode). Changes appear large.
  • WiFi kernel module updated.
  • WiMAX SDIO kernel module updated.
  • Many app and framework updates.

Frequent Problems & Questions

  • When I run the update, I get an “error 7” and the update fails.
    If you are using a rooted ROM, either back down to a stock ROM for the update, or try this fix from joeykrim.

  • Before I ran the update, WiMAX worked; now when I turn on 4G, just as it connects, 4G turns back off.
    This was an issue in the 1.0 version of the update that we released. We do not believe it to be an issue in the 2.0 update. We do not currently have a solution for users affected by the 1.0 update; we apologize for the inconvenience.

  • The radio didn't seem to get updated! What gives?
    This issue was resolved in the 2.0 update.

  • Now that I've run the update, unrevoked doesn't work any more.
    With this update, unrevoked is no longer necessary; the su binary is installed on your phone in /system/bin.

  • My phone hangs on the “4G” logo on the first reboot after the update.
    The update takes a while on first boot. Let it run; it will drop you at the home screen eventually.


This fix has been through the following versions:

  • v2.1: Added “4G” logo hang FAQ entry.
  • v2.0: Removed WiMAX modem update. Patched radio update to function correctly on all devices.
  • v1.1: Added FAQ.
  • v1.0: Initial release.


This software is offered to you with NO WARRANTY, either express or implied. By downloading it, you accept the full and ultimate responsibility for any consequences of using it.

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